Official 2024 TMS Softball Rules


Please pay and turn in roster by 12pm

$300 Cash, Check or:

Venmo: @Cooper-Tatom


CashApp: $CooperTatom

  • Teams may use their own balls. Balls being thrown in must have an association stamp (USSSA, ASA,NSA) Thrown in balls must be allowed to be used by both teams. No harder than 44/400. Balls are provided
  • Unlimited HR band $20 Band must be purchased and worn prior to the players 1st at bat of current game
  • New Stamped bats only. Stamp must be legible. NO SENIOR BATS


  • 7 innings, no new inning after 55 minutes
  • 1-1 Count with NO extra foul
  • Pitching : Top of batters head to 12 feet. Within the rubber width up to 6 feet behind
  • Pitchers must wear approved face mask
  • Courtesy runner: 1 per inning (can be anybody) Coed: 1 per inning per gender
  • Mercy Rule: 20 runs after 4 innings, 15 runs after 5 innings and 10 runs after 6 innings
  • Ties allowed in round robin play, extra innings in bracket play
  • Coin toss determines home team
  • Higher seed is home team in seeded bracket play
  • Championship game:
    -1st game - Undefeated team is home, time limit and run rule apply
    -2nd game (if game) Coin toss, NO time limit and run rules apply

  • COED: May use 6-5 mens/womens ratio lineup, coed outfield line in effect. Male walking is awarded 2nd base regardless of count or outs, following female has her option to walk or bat. NO safety home plate in use.

Prize stipulations:

  • 2nd Place prizes awarded with 5 or more teams in specific division
  • 3rd Place prizes awarded with 8 or more teams in specific division
  • 4th Place prizes awarded with 10 or more teams in specific division
  • (teams eliminated simultaneously in a bracket determined by higher seed)